Here’s one I missed: a BJD of 9S!

Dollfie have announced their release of a 9S BJD and I managed to find this picture of him!

Adorable right? He appears to be a little less tall than 2B, just like in the game which is great.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet, and nor has the price point, but knowing Dollfie I wouldn’t expect anything less than £1k. Which is a minus point for me personally, but understandable for a limited edition production. However I’m really, really looking forward to all the photos popping up over the internet of 2B and 9S together once they’ve both been released – I’m hoping there will be lots of adorable photostories. Please make it happen, people of the internet! ☺

Another thing – this music video collaboration between Square Enix and Japanese rock band Amazarashi is where we caught our first glimpse of 2B as a Dollfie doll.

But this does come with a warning – if you think you’ll be freaked out by watching dolls being crushed by heavy machinery (it does pull at the heartstrings for me), then please jump to 6:12 if you only want to see 2B.

(And spoiler alert: she also gets crushed 🙁 )


For all the other Nier Automata 2B dolls I could find, click here.


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