Mi Sheng – the new, sleepy beauty from Pathos Tale

If you like your BJDs fascinating and otherworldly (like I do!), then you’ll love Pathos Tale’s new release – Mi Sheng.

They teased her release back in December 2016 with these lovely black and white photos showing her blank cast. Don’t her antlers look amazing?

In fact, I’m really fascinated by these antlers, because they’re not quite like an elk’s or a moose’s. They look much more organic than that – more like woven moss – which I’m guessing is the point, since the base of the horns are so branch-like.

I haven’t seen any pictures of her legs yet, but since she looks very much like a woodland-dryad-type creature, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she comes with satyr-like hooves, like Pathos Tale’s sold out limited edition Pan doll.

After posting those monochrome photos last year, nothing further was posted about this doll on Pathos Tale’s Facebook page until a couple of weeks ago, where they revealed Mi Sheng’s new face-up and announced that she will be released soon.

I’m loving these colours for her. For me, her face is in this weird space between ugly and pretty, where I can’t quite decide whether I find her beautiful or hideous. But despite that, I still feel charmed by her oddness, and I guess you could say that about many of the Pathos Tale sculpts – they’re interesting and otherworldly, rather than straight up cute and adorable. I kind of like that strange feeling of intrigue.

Then on 14th April, they confirmed on Den of Angels BJD forum that:

  • Mi Sheng will be released next month (May 2017)

  • She will be a limited edition

  • She is in 1/3 size

They also shared this amazing preview of her:

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of her looks like!

Origin Stories

I’m also curious to find out what her story is, because Pathos Tale often give a short, poetic description of the doll’s background.

For example, for their release of LuoNa and LuoSheng last year Pathos Tale created this intriguing background to the two sisters.

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The story of LuoNa and LuoSheng
Some people liked them while some people didn’t,
but they could not be ignored.
Whether they/she was one person or two persons,no one could say that clearly.
Apparently they are connected even by bones. It’s said that conjoined twins could not survive and some even died soon after birth.
But their cries was so loudly.
Flowers were in full bloom when it rained,with petals,leaves and thorns.The twins were lying among blossoms.
Their mother had been terrified.She secretly put them in the middle of the thorns and walked away quickly,
pretending nothing happened.
The mother didn’t like them, but maybe flowers did.
Flowers raised and protected the twins. Wind cut dead branches & leaves for their clothes.
‘Do you like dress?’ Flowers asked.

Reading this little story about the two sisters, makes me feel for their struggle and like I can understand them better. They are strong together and they defy the odds that are against them, and I like that. The resin ‘growths’ of faces and flowers they wear are part of them, whether you like it or not, and they convey meaning, making the story much more important than whether their faces and bodies are flawless and pretty enough.

Who knew dolls could challenge your beliefs about beauty like that!

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