Dear Square Enix – we want more Nier: Automata Dolls and Figures to collect. We NEED them! Please and thank you.

My current gaming obsession, together with countless other millions of dedicated fans, is Nier: Automata. So who’s with me on wishing they could afford to add the Black Box Edition’s collector’s figure of main character 2B to their roster of dolls and figures Just look how awesomely cool she is!

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But at £226.96 (+ £31 p&p) that’s not going to happen for me right now. If you can go get her, she’s on eBay right now, but if I were you I’d be quick about it! 😀

So while we’re pining over 2B looking gorgeous, why don’t we take a look at all the other official and fan-made Nier: Automata-inspired dolls and figures that are scooting around the web at the moment.

Plus, on my hunt for these I even found a juicy little teaser from Square Enix about a possible new 2B figure coming out, which I’ll reveal at the bottom of this post – so keep scrolling and enjoy the view!


Dollfie Dream

Ball-jointed Doll company Dollfie Dream created a special edition 2B for the Square Enix cafe in Tokyo for the release of the game in March. She’s sadly not for sale, but hopefully some talented BJD clothing creators out there will feel inspired to create her outfit for us to buy.

If you want to try to create your own, Dollfies do come up on eBay, here’s one currently available. Alternatively, you can buy similar BJDs from Junkyspot in the US and Angelesque in the UK. Both ship internationally and I have safely bought dolls from both.

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Smart Doll by @Alphond

If you like Asian BJDs you need to follow Malaysian-Chinese doll customiser and photographer @Alphond on Instagram. With his own gorgeous interpretation of 2B’s outfit, he’s photographed her in lots of different settings including backdrops of rusty girders and grey stone walls that really capture the feel of the game.

Again, if you want to try to create your own, you can buy Smart Dolls directly from the Smart Doll Japan store. They do also come up on eBay from time to time. Alternatively, you can buy similar BJDs from Junkyspot in the US and Angelesque in the UK. Both ship internationally and I have safely bought dolls from both.

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iDoll by @Puppy52 on Twitter

This custom iDoll by @Puppy52 is such a good representation of 2B’s costume. She posted it as unfinished back in March, so hopefully she’ll be posting more progress pictures soon! You can follow her on Twitter.

Ready-made 2B Outfit for BJDs

If you have a BJD that you want to turn into 2B, but don’t want to make your own clothing, I found these ready-made clothes on eBay. They come in a variety of sizes and you can choose to include the boots in your order as well, but you’ll need to buy the wig separately. The shop is in Hong Kong, so remember they’ll take a while to arrive, especially if they have to clear through customs. But the set does look really pretty and stays true to the design.

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Custom 2B Action Figure

Teknokyo on Tumblr has modded a Microman action figure into a really cool, articulated 2B, that stands 4″ tall. Check out his website for more custom action figures.

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Little Robots!

I just had to share these because they’re so cute! @rofltrain on Twitter posted these adorable little wind-up robots that look so much like the robot units in Nier: Automata. They’re actually modded wind-up Google Android toys, which you can get here.


And now for the reveal!

Remember I told you at the beginning about Square Enix releasing an official new 2B figure? Well, here’s the teaser they revealed at Wonderfest Japan in February!

Distributor: Square-Enix. Manufacturer: Flare. Release Date: To Be Determined. Price: Probably 14k+ yen (approx. $130+ / £100+ / €120+)


This might not look like much to go by, but we do know that they’ve chosen Flare as the manufacturer, which tells us that the quality of the sculpt will be high, which will of course be reflected in the price.

And this also tells us that judging by Flare’s other figures, we can expect 2B to stand somewhere between 21-28cm tall, to be made from PVC and to come with its own stand.

But what will she look like? Well, we can take as a reference their gorgeous Evangelion for the kind of standard you can expect:

And we also now know that the sculpt is by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa, who also sculpted this amazing Bayonetta:

Exciting huh? Now, I know it’s a lot to ask, but if they could create a 9S and A2 as well, that would be wonderful (although I think I can hear my wallet crying at the thought of it!)

So there we have it – all the Nier: Automata dolls and figures I could find!


At the NieR Music Concert last week, figures for both 9S and A2 were announced! 9S is due for a winter 2017 release, however no date has been announced for A2 yet.

Look! Look! 😀


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